Podcast Update #1

Good afternoon! I finished my fall semester today, meaning I am officially on break until spring semester starts in January. This means that I am getting a little time to catch up on everything, and when I say everything, I mean: writing, reading, podcasting, everything books!

I am currently at the 42,000 word mark for my new WIP, a young adult thriller novel. I’m staying in the same genre as The Half Theft and Better Luck This Time, but this story is taking a brand new, low fantasy/science fiction turn. I can’t wait to share more details with you as I finish up my first draft and move onto the first edit. I am super excited about this story. I feel my writing has grown over time, and I am even prouder of what I am producing today than what I was a year ago, though I’m obviously ecstatic about all my own stories or I suppose I wouldn’t write them at all (haha)!

On the topic of podcasts, I just put out a new one today for the book You by Caroline Kepnes. It is a little deeper of a dig into my thoughts on the book (and show)! You can listen to it here on Spotify, and here on Anchor. I have a lot of fun rambling about the books I read, and I deeply appreciate those of you who give it a listen and support me. Truly, thank you. More will come very soon.

And you can choose from any of my past episodes (with the book covers to check out for the aesthetic) by clicking here!

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