My podcast is back (with a wild new episode)

I’ve decided to bring back my book reviewing podcast. Woo!

I’m starting in with God Emperor of Dune, my personal favorite in the Dune series thus far. I touch on the series as a whole, as well as the fourth installation in particular. It’s definitely one to listen to, even if you haven’t gotten into any of the books yet.

Fear not (lol). As I mentioned in this episode, I will have more episodes coming as I start reading more again. I’ve got another brand new one coming your way in the very new future.

But for now…

Tune into my latest episode on Spotify here, or find more ways to listen through my Linktree. Just scroll through my links until you find ‘My Podcast,’ and find a platform to listen!

Thank you for listening in and continuing to follow my writing and reading journey.

As always, I hope you all have a lovely day full of storytelling and everything wonderful your favorite books have to offer.

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